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We value you as a customer and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Read below to see reviews straight from parents and students. 



The tutoring during the summer enabled our daughter to start the 2nd grade well ahead of her peers, and we were so impressed with the early academic results, that we've opted to extend the tutoring relationship beyond the summer and into the school year.

Dear Mr. Jacoby,

I hope you are well. I just wanted to say thank you so much for tutoring me for so many years. It is because of you that I can now properly read and write. Your methods and techniques will stay with me all the way to and through college. Thank you for your patience, time, and effort in helping me achieve my academic goals. 

Once again, thank you 


Alex expressed interest in tutoring with you again. He brought up learning writing concepts he learned through you years ago, that is just now being covered in school.

Deborah D.

Beatrice H. (High School student)

Sharon S. (Mother of an 8th grade student)

Mr Jacoby did a great job tutoring our son. He caught him up in all relevant subjects. He then helped him surpass the class level which was beyond our expectations. Our son enjoyed working together with him week after week and always with a smile.

Brina T.

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